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We had several times of heavy wind this October in Suzhou. However, in the class, there was heavy smell of festival.

Cobwebs, ghost masks, Pumpkin colored stripes, what do these have in common? Yes! Halloween is coming soon! Today, on the way to the supermarket, we talked about what we will do on Halloween. It is a new event for most of us, as a foreign in China; MIA told us some funny stories. To my surprise, MIA had won a couple of times for awards by dressing up as a vampire. We found there was a separate area only for Halloween stuff in the supermarket. There were scary eyes, broom stick used by a witch, pumpkin lanterns, a magic pole and vampire masks; I couldn't take my eyes off them. We brought two huge bags of Halloween stuff to decorate our classroom. I saw an attractive pumpkin lantern in the shop, and I thought it could increase the feeling of a spooky Halloween if I put it in front of the door.

There were 2 days left to Halloween, but there was a feeling of emptiness in the classroom. MIA decided to decorate the classroom. At the beginning, we didn’t know where to begin, then, MIA told us to put the cobwebs at the back of the classroom, and therefore, we need to put fabric on the wall. Guess what we've discovered? We can garbage bags! Starting at the left corner, the girls began to put them up one by one, and the boys helped with the higher positions. After awhile, it became dark at the back. The second step was to put on the colored stripes. They put the stripes with the pumpkin lanterns and put them in front of the door. With everyone's effort, the classroom became colorful. When we finished our part, we came to the teacher's office; we saw a black spider and a lively bat. We took them and put those two items in our classroom to make it look more spooky. I felt like the festival was coming, and it came to me first, not that I’m chasing it. Nowadays, the cultural tradition has become meaningless. Chinese teenagers forget their own culture and are now pursuing the Western culture. However, as a developed country, Canada still keeps their own customs as well as their own traditions that have been kept for many years. This is what we should learn from Canada.

Besides the door, everything was ready; we decided to write ENTER IF YOU DARE on the door. This is what the boyfriend of our ESL teacher came up with; it was such a good idea! Last but not least, to make to create the scary atmosphere, we bought red paint and splashed it on the wall, and made some spider webs which made everyone so much more excited than we already were. At this time an idea popped out to my mind, I told Mia that we should make a barrier at the door with a plastic bag, so that the classroom can be more mysterious, and she agreed with me. By then everything looked good!

Today was Halloween, after our morning classes we started with our decorating, using the decorations we received from Ms. Andrea’s mother, we were all very touched by this. All the girls were changing into their costumes; there were ghost, witch, princess, and so on. Time past by quickly without noticing.

Our teacher had their customs too. The most surprising one was that our ESL teacher's boyfriend wore a little black cape with a plain face and "blood" on his mouth. I was scared just by his looks. And he was pretty satisfied with his costume as a vampire.

We took photos together and looked to each other with an inconceivable face. We felt like we were in a different country. After that, we played games with our Canadian teachers, like put your face down in the water then tried to eat the apple. Or use your teeth to bite the spoon then use the spoon to eat the chocolate. So funny!

I hope our happy life will be continued. We are really looking forward to it!

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