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David Wang Scholarship

Saint Mary’s University President Robert Summerby-Murray announced today a $1 million gift to the university from David Wang. The generous donation will establish the David Wang Scholarship Fund.  The Fund will establish scholarships for Chinese undergraduates entering Saint Mary’s from a Nova Scotia or Canadian Curriculum high school in China.

“Mr. Wang’s relationship with Saint Mary’s dates back more than a decade and has been monumental in helping us connect with students from China,” said Dr. Summerby-Murray. “This generous gift will not only open the door to Saint Mary’s to more Chinese students, but also add to Saint Mary’s reputation as Canada’s International University.

As the manager of a Nova Scotia curriculum high school in China, Mr. Wang liaises with the Nova Scotia Department of Education to better prepare students for university studies in our province, or elsewhere in Canada.

Through the Nova Scotia International Student Program, university partnerships, educational symposiums and short-term English immersion programs, Mr. Wang has assisted more than 2,000 students in coming to Nova Scotia.

Over the last few years the province has been highly motivated to attract international students who are interested in staying in Nova Scotia. Not only does this address Nova Scotia’s declining and aging population, it also introduces new ideas, cultures and a growing network of skilled, educated young people.

"I want to congratulate and say thank you to Mr. Wang for this very generous gift," said Premier Stephen McNeil. "Being able to attract and retain international students is an important part of our government’s commitment to increase immigration to the province. This scholarship fund will help with those efforts as we work to grow Nova Scotia’s economy and population.”

Mr. Wang said he has had a special relationship with Saint Mary’s and Nova Scotia. “Saint Mary’s has always been special to me because it was the first university in Nova Scotia I developed a partnership with,” said Mr. Wang. “This gift and the scholarships it will fund is my way of celebrating that partnership and giving back to the university and the students that will be rewarded.”

Under the David Wang Scholarship Fund, eight scholarships per year valued at $20,000 per student will be established at Saint Mary’s. What makes these scholarships unique is that they are awarded to Chinese students currently studying at a Canadian Curriculum high school in China. Because of this Canadian foundation, it is believed these students are more likely to stay in the province, and contribute to the local economy and population growth.

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