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The Visit of the Premier of Nova Scotia

A delegation led by the Premier of the Province of Nova Scotia visited students and staff of the Canadian High Program on Sunday, September 11th. Premier McNeil took time away from his current trade mission in China to visit the school, where the Canadian program is now entering its ninth year.  This was the first time a Nova Scotia Premier has visited any of the sixteen schools across China which offer the Nova Scotia High School Program.
Members of the Premier’s delegation remarked on the fluency of our students during their conversations with them as students led them on a guided tour of the school and shared their experience in the program.  This is the only Nova Scotia program in China where students spend a semester (5 months) during their Grade 11 year in schools across Nova Scotia. This experience provides our students with a tremendous opportunity to strengthen their English language skills both in school and with their Nova Scotia home stay families. It also fosters a greater cultural awareness and understanding of life in Canadian communities.
Premier McNeil was accompanied by two Nova Scotia university presidents during his visit; Dr. Richard Florizone from Dalhousie University and Dr. Ramona Lumpkin from Mount Saint Vincent University. Dr. Lumpkin who was pleased and honoured to have a conversation with four graduates from her University’s Bachelor of Education program who are actively teaching here in China at Soochow University High School.

Students and Staff from SUHS attended a Press Conference held at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel following the Premier and his delegation’s visit to our school. Premier McNeil announced a new initiative of his Government entitled ‘Study and Stay in Nova Scotia’ which will assist 50 International students (30 of them from China) in completing their post-secondary studies in Nova Scotia and remaining to and work in the province after graduation. The plan will provide a range of supports to the 50 students entering the program in 2017.

The visit by Premier McNeil and his delegation provided a wonderful opportunity for our students and staff to meet and engage in conversations with education and government officials from Nova Scotia. The delegation’s visit to our school is demonstrative of the Province’s commitment to our program and an acknowledgement of the excellent work being done by our students and Chinese and Canadian staff. 

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