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Ten Years’ Great Efforts Stay True to the Mission

On November 20th, the 10th anniversary celebration of the official establishment of the Sino-Canada Program was held at the Courtyard by Marriott Suzhou. We are truly grateful to all the guests and leaders who helped in the building of our program, some of whom have joined us for this celebration. They are: Mr. McNeil, Governor of Nova Scotia, Canada; Mr. Epp, Consul General of Canada in Shanghai; Mr. Yang Zhiping, Vice Mayor of Suzhou; Ms. Xia Fang, Deputy Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee; Ms. Yang Xin, Director of Suzhou Overseas Chinese Affairs Office; Ms. Granham, Secretary-General of the Office of the Governor of Nova Scotia; Mr. Wasac, Executive Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs of Nova Scotia; Mr. Feng Anting Consulate General of Political, Economic and Public Affairs, Shanghai Consulate General, Canada; Mr. Liu Lu, Deputy Director of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce; Mr. Li Wenhui, Deputy Director of Suzhou Foreign Affairs Office; Ms. Gu Naixiao, Deputy Director of Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau; and Mr. Shen Jian, Director of Education Bureau of Suzhou Industrial Park. In addition, there were also primary and secondary school principals and parent representatives from SIP to join in this celebration.


 Ten years. We embrace the original dream of integrating Chinese and Western cultures; of bringing the teaching concepts of Canadian high schools to Suzhou. Today we are witnesses to that dream; it has taken root and thrives. Heart, talent, and integrity have been our guide.

Ten years. A concerted effort to maintain the initial heart of teaching and educating students, lead by a strict and well-organized management team, our program continues to grow.

Ten years. Our graduates have entered prestigious universities all over the world and our current students continue that tradition today.


  At the celebration, please join us as we watch a video to review the past decade of the Sino-Canada Program: The building of a dream. In the course of 10 years, there were too many unforgettable memories. Since its establishment in 2008, we have always insisted on creating the brand of “Sino-Canada Program” with the initial heart, and conscientiously cultivated a batch of students. That's why all our students have Canadian high school diplomas, and 83% of them are able to be admitted to the world's top 100 universities. At present, Nova Scotia has 17 Sino-Canada high school programs in China, and we can pass the annual inspection of the Department of Education with excellent scores every year. Nearly 50% of freshmen are recommended by parents and students, this fully demonstrates that our program has won the trust of parents and society, and it is also the highest praise for us to stick to the past ten years. 

Governor McNeil of Nova Scotia also highly praised our meticulous spirit of running a school, our assiduous Canadian and Chinese teachers and the hard-working students. This is the third consecutive year that Governor McNeil has visited our program since 2016, bringing provincial government greetings and support. The governor further introduced the educational resources of Nova Scotia and expressed his gratitude to David Wang, Chairman of the Board of the Program for his great contribution in promoting education integration between China and Canada. 


Mr. Yang Zhiping, Vice Mayor of Suzhou, expressed his welcome and gratitude to the delegation of Nova Scotia, and showed his appreciation for the development of the Sino-Canada Program. Mayor Yang said that the Sino-Canada Program, as a model project of Sino-Canadian education cooperation in Suzhou, has achieved outstanding results in Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. He hopes that this program will be better and better, and Canadian students are welcomed to come to Suzhou for studying and traveling.


Students who have graduated from the Sino-Canada Program, though they may be far away, their presence is felt here today. Forever connected to their Alma Manta, the Sino-Canada Program Family. Students recited a poem to share their gratitude, and offer their best wishes to the program. Ten years of Sino-Canada Program is a decade of development. All the achievements and progress we have achieved are made possible through the support of the Suzhou Municipal Government, the SIP Government and Soochow University High School, and also inseparable from the care and help of all walks of life, understanding and support of parents, and the dedication and innovation of all of our colleagues. We firmly believe that the future of China and Canada will be even brighter. Let us plan to come together to celebrate the next brilliant decade for the Sino-Canada program!


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